So you’re looking down your Bar Guys shopping list and you see a word which fills you with utter incomprehension: Gomme: What the **** ?! is that?! Or instead of Gomme it might say Simple Syrup; well it can’t be that simple because I haven’t got a clue what it is, you say to yourself!

So you get on the blower to Bar Guys HQ as you scurry panic-stricken around Tesco’s and two words from a Bar Guy fill you with absolute relief: Sugar. Syrup.

“Right, I get it! I’ve seen that! I know where that is! Bakery aisle: beeeeeeeeeeeep. You hang up.

Bar Guys HQ phone rings once again:

“Er. There must be a mistake. I’m in Aisle 4 and it seems to say £6 for a bottle of this sugar syrup/simple gomme thingymejig”.

If this is a familiar conversation and you’ve been Monin (pun absolutely intended!) about the price of sugar syrup then look no further than our simple recipe for making simple syrup for just 36p!! Yes that’s thirty six pence. Literally, the price of a bag of sugar!

🍸Take a 70cl glass bottles (Ensure they are sterilised before use).
🍸Put 500g of granulated sugar in the bottle.
🍸Boil the kettle.
🍸Wait for a minute or so then fill the bottle with hot water.
🍸Put the lid on, shake the bottle until the sugar dissolves and top the bottle up with water again.
🍸Shake again, leave to cool and Hey Presto! 1 bottle of thick sugar syrup ready for use!

It couldn’t be more simple. 😁

You’re welcome!

p.s. If you’re looking for a recipe to use this glorious mixture, then check out our recipe for the perfect porn star martini!

Simple sugar syrup