At the Bar Guys we are 100% committed to helping our clients deliver sustainable events and we are continually looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly for the future of our planet.

Your average bar is an ecological nightmare; from plastic straws and bottle caps to excess water waste and fresh fruit throwaways, the world of mixology is hardly synonymous with being environmentally sustainable.

So what are we going to do to play our part?

Reduce our use of plastic

For a while now you’ll have spotted the paper straw replacing the plastic straw, but who enjoys sipping their beautifully made cocktail through a soggy piece of card? At the Bar Guys we have found some clever alternatives, including the stroodle pasta straw. These clever straws last for up to 1 hour, they are flavourless, biodegradable (wheat + water), edible, vegan and zero-waste.

In another effort to reduce our plastic consumption, we will be using dried lavender sticks in place of plastic cocktail stirrers.

China Tea Cup Sustainable CocktailsYou won’t find disposable cups on any of our bars either. We believe in proper glassware; copper mugs, terracotta pots, china tea cups and anything else that can be taken away, washed and reused. We’ve got some gorgeous table wear, which is not only environmentally friendly but will also add the wow factor to any event. Our china teacups are perfect for a summer party in the garden or a vintage wedding.

Less waste

Too often empty bottles are thrown in the bin and not properly recycled. We aim to avoid this by refilling existing bottles from large eco pouches/boxes. These produce less waste and a smaller carbon footprint overall than traditional bottles. We will also reuse glasswear to store other ingredients.

Limoncello Sustainable EventsCitrus goods such as lemons, limes and oranges are staple bar ingredients used daily for juicing, zesting and garnishes. But in the UK alone an estimated 20-40% of the nation’s fruit and vegetables are already rejected before they reach shops because they do not comply with cosmetic standards, according to data collated by environmental organisation feedback. Where possible, we are replacing fresh fruit with dried fruit, stored in glass jars to eliminate lots of fresh fruit waste. In addition, where we need to use fresh lemons and limes, we’re already collecting all our citrus waste and using it to make our own limoncello – and we’re looking for more opportunities in the future like this to help reduce our waste (and create new tastes!)


Sustainability doesn’t just mean reducing waste, it means reducing the carbon footprint of your business – and this is why we commit to using local produce as much as possible and avoid perishable products that need to be flown in. That’s why we’ve changed our menu, to offer 7 seasonal cocktails, making use of products that are available at the time. By creating 7 sensational cocktails, this also limits our food waste further as we use the same products and ingredients, eliminating left over products and waste. Click here to view our 7 Wonders of the World!

Furthermore, we’d like to make one more commitment. When we need something and it can’t be reused or recycled, we commit too making sure it is 100% biodegradable: from Stroodle’s Pasta Straws to using dried lavender stems as cocktail sticks. The only things we want to leave behind when we are gone are happy memories.

To find out more about our promise to the planet, please take a look at our 7R’s and our seven commitments to delivering sustainable events.