Who doesn’t love a Bloody Mary? Here’s the recipe for one of our spins on the classic breakfast favourite.

Think about your perfect Saturday. It’s probably late morning, you’ve had a shower. Maybe you’ve even been to a morning yoga class? Either way, it’s finally time for that lazy decadent moment where you sit back and let hedonism take over.

Late breakfast, early lunch, brunch… It’s all semantics. It all boils down to indulging, and what better drink to have in your hand than a Bloody Mary?

Possibly one of the most complex cocktails in the world, the fiery lady comes in many forms. Our current favourite builds on a fresh basil infused vodka which softly balances the spicy palette and loans a new, more subtler dimension to the zesty tomato juice.

So how can you recreate this flavoursome, nutrient packed cocktail goodness? Easy as.

You’ll be needing:

Vodka infused with fresh basil (50ml)

Tomato juice (175ml)

Aged port

Worcester sauce


For garnishing:


Green and black olives


Celery salt

Fresh lime



For the vodka – take a bunch of fresh basil leaves and pour a half litre of vodka over them. If you do that today, it’s bound to be pretty great for Saturday… don’t leave it for longer than three days – the basil will get overwhelming and you’d end up feeling like you’re drinking a pasta sauce.

Once the vodka is all done, pour it over ice in a mixing glass, add the tomato juice and throw in a dash of the port, Tabasco and Worcester sauce. This isn’t to be a workout for your upper back and biceps – just stir gently; a gentle whisk right through the wrist! While you wait for it to be chilled (it’s going to be Saturday, things better be chilled), rim your glass with a mix of sea and celery salt. Once you’ve deemed it sufficiently cold, serve it in the glass and garnish away.

We’ve topped ours with celery, olives, horseradish, cucumber and fresh lime, all of it sprinkled with a bit of pepper and coriander for that extra depth.

Going all in with the toppings, it’s the kinda thing that could be a meal all on it’s own. You could potentially ditch the glassware for a bowl and serve it as an entree, but to be honest even we think that would be a bit odd.

Let us know how you get on – we’re @TheBarGuysUK on Twitter!