The 7 R’s

Seven Commitments to help you deliver sustainable events.

At the Bar Guys we are 100% committed to helping our clients deliver sustainable events for their clients – and the future of the planet! To achieve this we endeavour to do the following:

1) Reuse

We don’t believe in a throwaway culture – which is why you won’t find any disposable cups on our bars. We believe in proper glassware, copper mugs, terracotta pots; anything that can be taken away, washed and reused.

2) Refill

The same goes for our spirit bottles! Too often empty bottles are thrown in the bin and not properly recycled. We aim to avoid this by refilling existing bottles from large eco pouches/boxes. These produce less waste and a smaller carbon footprint overall than traditional bottles.

3) Repurpose

Everyone deserves a second chance – and so does everything else. If we can’t refill or reuse an item we look for ways to repurpose it: From serving cocktails in jam jars and metal cans to using old bottles as garnish dispensers.

4) Reclaim

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is our motto at The Bar Guys – and the reason why our bespoke bars are made from 100% reclaimed materials. Because we won’t just reuse our own stuff, we’ll happily make use of other people’s ‘trash’ too!

5) Reduce waste

Where other’s see ‘waste products’ we see ‘opportunities’ – we’re already collecting all our citrus waste and using it to make our own limoncello – and we’re looking for more opportunities in the future like this to help reduce our waste (and create new tastes!)

6) Recycle

When we can’t reuse, refill or repurpose something we are committed to making sure it is properly recycled: so that other’s can make use of it instead.

7) Reduce food miles

Sustainability doesn’t just mean reducing waste, it means reducing the carbon footprint of your business – and this is why we commit to using local produce as much as possible and avoid perishable products that need to be flown in.

Go on then, one more…


Because our planet always deserves going that little bit further, we’re going to make one more commitment: when we need something, and it can’t be reused or recycled, we commit too making sure it is 100% biodegradable: from Stroodle’s Pasta Straws to using dried lavender stems as cocktail sticks… The only things we want too leave behind when we are gone are happy memories

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