7 Wonders


Taj Mahal

Tom Collins

The Bar Guys Indian twist

Spiced mango, kaffir lime and cardamom infused gin, fresh lemon, topped with ginger beer. Served in a copper cup with dried mango & a natural wheat straw


Pornstar Martini

The Bar Guys Jordanian twist

Vanilla pod infused vodka, fresh passion fruit, pineapple, citrus & passion fruit popping candy. Served in a stainless steel martini glass



The Bar Guys Italian twist

Sicilian lemon zest infused white rum, limoncello, lime, fresh mint, demerara sugar, freshly muddled melon, topped with sparkling blood orange and toasted marshmallow perfumed with bergamot. Served in an enamel mug with bio-degradable pasta straw

Chichen Itza

New York Sour

The Bar Guys Mexican twist

Whisky infused with agave nectar and chilli, mezcal, lime, Aztec chocolate bitters, red wine float. Served in a cactus with a lemon twist and a hunk fair-trade dark chocolate

Great Wall of China


The Bar Guys Chinese twist

Gunpowder, ginseng & dragon well green tea, dried raspberry and rosehip infused light white rum, strawberry, pomegranate, fresh lime. Served in a basalt flower pot with rice paper & dried rose buds

Machu Picchu

Amaretto Sour

The Bar Guys Peruvian twist

Pisco infused with gold, amaretto, aromatic bitters, Peruvian cherry, fresh lemon, Inca gold dust. Served in a tiki jar with golden berry and a dried lavender stem as a cocktail stick

Christ the Redeemer

Gin and Tonic

The Bar Guys Brazilian Twist

Acai palm leaf, Brazilian lime and acai berry infused gin, fresh passion fruit & classic tonic water. Served in a Polynesian glass

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