Psst, we’ve it covered.

The pumpkins and plastic Jack-o-laterns are out at Sainsbury’s, alongside something I believe were called chocolate and slime cakes. This all suggests Halloween is around the corner! As a way to avoid actual dread you’d undoubtedly end up feeling on All Hallow’s Eve without a ball to attend nor a costume to wear, we’ve picked the best places for trick-or-treating in London this Halloween… and there’s no place like London at Halloween.


Only Fools and Peacocks
Hellraisers have been busy raising this Halloween party almost up to the sky, specifically to the Sky Garden on Fenchurch Street. Why mingle with the earthlings if you can enjoy the views with ghosts and ghouls? Early bird tickets are sold out but more will be released closer to the event – keep an eye out here.


Calling all bearded ladies and vintage gimp suit aficionados! secretsundaze residents Giles Smith and James Priestley have been at it for over a decade, and unlike many other hallows, these gents appear more than once year… talk about having experience in entertaining the freaks. Joined by the finest DJs of Berlin and Chicago, Carnival Du Freak will certainly not be about slutty nurses and cats in mini skirts. Proceed at your own risk. Tickets available on Resident Advisor.


Does the idea of children trick-or-treating disgust you? 20-year-olds pushing in the bar, demanding for Jaegerbombs make you suicidal? If you’d rather skip the hip hop and go for a hip op, this is the place for you. OK, so you are allowed entrance if you have your own hips still in tact, but you will be asked for photo ID to prove you’re 28 or over. Dress up or go as the angry old person you are – this will be pretty blissful. You can buy tickets here.


Why not take a peek through the shadows and familiarise yourself with the eerie history of the kings and queens? Royal heartbreak, deaths, diseases… even the monarchs experience the macabre, and this evening at the Kensington Palace will introduce you to it all. A night with ghosts, just without the fancy dress – though we don’t suppose no one would really be stopping you. Just skipping the dancing. Tickets available here.


There aren’t many things more sombre and frightening than reality, which is what digital theatre company ANAGRAM plays at. Immerse yourself in the world where security and oppression have become one and the same; no fancy dress required for the horridness to seep in. Also, it is at the Tower of London, so it’ll have a certain amount of more traditional Halloween thrill to it. Tickets for a truly scary experience available here.

Stuck on where to find the best outfits from? Mad World can be a budget friendly option, Only Fools and Peacocks in Stoke Newington is the boudoir to get dressed in for a night of ghastly glamour, or maybe go all for something truly dramatic with the National Theatre costume and prop hire. The world is your haunted oyster.